What level of fitness should I be at before I start?

Come as you are!  Seriously.  You will get prepared for CrossFit by doing CrossFit.  All of our workouts are scaled for each individual.  The daily workouts on CrossFit.com are prescribed for high level athletes and with CrossFitters still reaching new potentials every year that standard is still increasing.  Do not be intimidated.  Come along and learn the fundamental movements and participate in the WODs and very soon you will be seeing progress you never expected!

I can’t do a pull-up (or another movement), how will I do the workout?

All movements can be scaled (modified) to fit each individual’s needs. When you join CrossFit Murrayfield you will be coached on how to properly perform all of the fundamental movements used in CrossFit classes.  A coach is always present to give direction and advice on how to scale movements to make them work for you.

How long are the classes?

All classes are 1 hour long and consist of a warmup, instruction on movements, the WOD (Workout of the Day) and some mobility exercises.  See the schedule to find a class that suits your schedule.

How big are the classes?

The maximum number of people in one class at our venue is 10.  Since class size is limited it is essential that you reserve a spot online.

Do I need to sign up ahead of time for classes?

Yes.  Class size is limited so reserving a spot online is essential.

What do I need to learn before I begin taking classes?

You can join at your current level of knowledge and fitness.  Wull, our head coach, will teach you to move properly.  Although CrossFit uses functional movements (natural movements that you use in your every day life), we want you to learn how to move with good technique so that when you start adding a load to the movements you are not injured.  We will teach you the fundamentals so that you can progress to learning Olympic Lifts (clean & jerk, snatch), and gymnastics movements (pullups, pressups etc).  These are technical movements and you need to demonstrate body awareness and control before advancing to high intensity workouts with speed or load.

I train at another CrossFit Affiliate. Can I drop in for a class?

Yes!  We welcome all CrossFitters!  You can sign up online for drop in classes.  Follow the “Join Now” links on the site and select Drop In Sessions. You can email us beforehand if you have any questions.


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