classes circle - fundamentals

If you haven’t done CrossFit before this is where you will begin.  Our CrossFit Fundamentals Course consists of 4 hours of instruction on the foundational movements of CrossFit and 2 weeks of Unlimited CrossFit classes so you can get right into training in our fun and effective community.  In order to provide flexibility for people interested in joining, the course can be bypassed with 4 hours of personal training.  Click here for more information.

The signature class.  All you need to achieve optimal fitness.  Each class begins with a warmup, instruction, and a WOD (Workout of the Day).  Each exercise movement is scaled appropriately for each individual.  When you come into the class you will sign in to Wodify, our tracking software.  Wodify stores your performance history so that over time see your progress.  It is a great way to stay motivated and part of our community.


At the top of the list for reasons people do not make time for exercise is children.  Why not take them with you to a family class?  We know that if there are kids around we need to be flexible with the workout and ready to adapt on a moments notice.  The kids will be encouraged to jump, swing, squat, and play along while you workout side by side.
Family classes are included in the unlimited memberships or use credits from a 5-pack purchase.

Would you like to take some extra time learning lifts or focus on movements important to you?  Personal training sessions are a great way to improve quickly and efficiently.  Contact us to schedule your sessions.


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