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CrossFit Games – The sport of fitness

Technique WOD - from the people at Barbell Shrugged

Weightlifting, Strength, & Power

Catalyst Athletics – Olympic Weightlifting Education

Mash Elite Performance - Travis Mash

Hookgrip - Great videos of Olympic-style Weightlifting  

Barbell Shrugged - Fitness Training, Nutrition and more.

Gymnastics & Bodyweight

Drills and Skills – Descriptions and demonstrations of competitive gymnastic movements

Gymnastics WOD – Carl Paoli’s WODs and “how-to” videos

Mobility, Flexibility, & Recovery

Mobility WOD – Kelly Starrett’s website full of videos, podcasts, and articles about preventing injury, resolving pain, fixing common movement problems, and optimizing athletic performance

Running, Rowing, & Endurance

CrossFit Endurance – Created by Brian Mackenzie to aid the endurance athlete

Endurance WOD


Mark’s Daily Apple – A blog from Mark Sisson about “primal living in a modern world”

Everyday Paleo – Sarah Fragoso’s website for her book “Everyday Paleo”

Paleo Basics – Robb Wolf

The Primal Blueprint 101 – from Mark’s Daily Apple

Ben Coomber - Health, Fitness and Performance Enhancement