Barbell Club

Join us Friday evenings at 7pm for the Barbell Club
Learn, lift, and encourage others.


Included in CrossFit Murrayfield unlimited membership plans
Use credits from a 5 session purchase.
£12 drop in fee for non-members.
Click here to purchase a session.  Select "Drop In" and scroll down on the schedule to the Barbell Club on Friday at 7pm.

Olympic Weightlifting

When people hear the word weightlifting, the often think of lifting dumbells, or using weight machines in a typical gym.  They may think of Powerlifting (the squat, bench press, deadlifts), but when we refer to weightlifting we mean Olympic Weightlifting.

Olympic Weightlifting refers to two specific lifts:  The Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. 

Both movements simultaneously demand and develop strength, power, speed, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.  Also, Olympic lifting is really fun!  Join our weightlifting club and give it a shot.

The IWF has prepared a documentary about Olympic Weightlifting called "Lift the World".  Watch it below.  Get inspired and join our club.

Lift the World