William Graham


William (a.k.a. Wull) is the head coach at CrossFit Murrayfield. Wull served in the army for 15 years in the Royal Scots Regiment as an infantry soldier specializing in Physical Training. He has been out of the army for 3 years working in the fitness industry.

Wull is passionate about fitness and helping people achieve their goals whether it be improving mobility, achieving peak fitness, or Olympic Weightlifting. Wull is dedicated to continuous learning and is eager to share his training philosophy with you.


Luke Adamson

Luke - coach pic

Luke is a graduate from The University of Edinburgh Applied Sports Science programme. The combination of higher education and prior experience within the fitness industry makes Luke a very well rounded coach; helping members to achieve their goals regardless of ability. Luke is passionate about life long learning, striving to be the best possible coach and person that he can be. His main interests are in Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and nutrition. Being a small part of the positive change seen when members follow a balanced diet and training programme is what keeps Luke most motivated.

Rachel MacKenzie


For the last ten years, Rachel has been dedicated to coaching sport and fitness.  Rachel specialises in gymnastics coaching, helping members to achieve core strength and body awareness; as well as CrossFit Gymnastics specific skills.  She has an abundance of experience including recently teaching CrossFit in the Middle East.  In addition to coaching classes Rachel provides personal training.  She is passionate about aiding others to remove barriers to their fitness development and increase their confidence in their own abilities.