A Proud Coach

These past few weeks I have tried to come up with the words to let you all know how proud I am of all your hard work and dedication. Not only am I proud of how strong you are all getting but your dedication to my programming, I know sometimes it doesn’t make sense or you have to put up with my little intricacies as your coach.

I have loved watching the community and the box relationships grow over these last few month, I am looking forward to all the future events and parties we will have together.

Plans for the future. This is where you guys come in, I want to grow our community with your help. This will be done in many ways.

– Reaching out to new members can be achieved by us utilising our Facebook and Instagram. So take loads of pics and videos of your fun achievements at the box and let everyone know about it.

– Get involved in the local community, like charity events and other community events/groups you can think of that we could support.

– Any marketing tips you can come up with would be helpful, I am always open to suggestions.

As for our community, if there is anything you guys want to see happen at the gym just let me know.

We can only succeed with your help support and dedication.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, it has been a great journey so far and I am glad I have met you all, here’s to more great days, nights and goals achieved.

Your Coach


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