CrossFit Murrayfield is for Everyone. Read this Edinburgh Mum’s Story.

CrossFit Murrayfield is for everyone, even mums!  I know as I am a mother of 3.  At CrossFit Murrayfield there are many more beginners than experienced CrossFitters and there is no reason to be intimidated. Head Coach Wull is great at scaling workouts based on ability. Every single person in the class helps motivate each other, making the experience very welcoming and rewarding.

I have tried all types of gym memberships over the years, but the progress I made at the others is not even comparable to the progress I have made with CrossFit. When I started training with Wull I was unable to do a pullup or a rope climb.  I was intimidated by box jumps and weightlifting. But with his guidance I can now do them all, and more!

This is me about 8 weeks before my third baby arrived.


A year ago when I started training with Wull, a box jump was intimidating, not anymore!

Linda 5

I couldn’t do one pull up. It is still a challenge for me, but I am getting better each week.

Linda 3

When I started training with Wull I couldn’t climb a rope.  This morning I did it multiple times.

Linda 1


My favourite time to train is the 9:15am class.  It is perfect for mothers who have an hour or two to spare while their kids are at school or nursery.  If your baby is young enough to stay in a carseat you can even bring them along.  I promise that you will never feel out of place, you will be welcomed when you walk through the door, and you will leave feeling energised and motivated. Having the support of Wull and the other members in the class provides all the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

Give it a try, sign up for a free trial and swing by to meet Wull, you won’t regret it.



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